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Mining facilities

Crypto Lab Innovation is an industry leading company in the UAE that provides Crypto mining infrastructure. Our facilities are built with high standards ensuring safety and reliability and long-term operation,                            Our extensive knowledge in building and maintaining crypto mining hardware, and designing cooling systems to withstand the harsh environment  in the region allows us to offer our customer the complete solution package :

Land: Multiple strategic locations around the UAE leased for a minimum of 5 years

-Power: a minimum of 5 MW scalable up to 40 MW per location connected to the main power grid insuring an up time of 99%

Infrastructure: We provides the safest and reliably proven infrastructure for crypto mining operation our facilities are carefully designed, constructed & engineered to overcome extreme temperatures and environmental factors such as dust and humidity

Cooling systems: ASIC SHIELD is a leader in crypto mining cooling systems and with our state-of-the-art Hydro and immersion cooling systems we ensure the year-round operation and high density hashrate in each facility

Real time Monitoring and surveillance: Our facilities are monitored 24/7 using latest tech for power distribution and smart PDU’s to monitor all activities within the facility and instant alert incase of issue arise , and a team of experts ready to move at any moment to assist and fix any issue to provide maximum up time of the mining rigs

Pricing: On top of all the products and service we offer, our rates per Kw are one of the lowest in the industry

Different Type of cooling 

We offer all kind of cooling

-Air cooled asic miner 

-immersion cooling 

-Hydro water cooling  (water cooled asic)


High Uptime rate

Having a team of skilled technician around the clock in each facility  we guarantee a 98% uptime after the initial setup


Fast Deployment 

We can receive equipment from all over the glob , we have warehouses ready to receive any number of machines that can be deployed to the mining facilities within 48 hours 


Repair Cetnter

We have a repair center at each facility ready to fix any hardware issue , to get the machines up and running in no  time

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