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Hosting Services

Take Your Mining Operation to a New Level 
As Power rates continue to hit all time high , running a profitable mining operation become hard 
Whether you are trying to host your existing miners or planning to invest in crypto mining and diversify your portfolio 
We are offering hosting service with a reasonable rates including professional management team and repair center at site 
up to 5MW power load per farm , scalable to up to 100MW, a combination of renovable and low cost electricity , we can make you mining operation profitable again

Our Hosting facilities are Located in the UAE where crypto mining is legal ,having access to low cost electricity with no load limit , we offer one of the best hosting rate in the industry 

with an import license for crypto mining rigs , we can bring in any number of machine making deployment a very easy task 

holding a crypto mining license in Abu Dhabi insures the sustainability and safety of all our operations 

Different Type of cooling 

We offer all kind of cooling

-Air cooled asic miner 

-immersion cooling 

-Hydro water cooling  (water cooled asic)


High Uptime rate

Having a team of skilled technician around the clock in each facility  we guarantee a 98% uptime after the initial setup


Fast Deployment 

We can receive equipment from all over the glob , we have warehouses ready to receive any number of machines that can be deployed to the mining facilities within 48 hours 


Repair Cetnter

We have a repair center at each facility ready to fix any hardware issue , to get the machines up and running in no  time

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