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Whatsminer firmware Overlclocking

Asic Shield 

UP TO 50% 


This Firrmware is Desgined to work with the following whatsminer models :

M2X Series , M3X series and M5X series , support for the M6X series will be add soon

Our Firmware will allow the user to access to many functions and adjustments such as :

- Chip Frequency adjustment : which can be used for both overclocking to increase hashrate , or underclock to achieve more efficiency 

- Voltage control : which you can adjust voltage supply to hashboards to achieve more hashrate or better efficiency 

-Converting air cooled miner to liquid cooled works for both Immersion cooling and hydro cooling without having to install fun spoofers for both miners and PSU

- Remove Power limit for the PSU to allow more power consumption therefore more hashrate

-PSU Firmware Flash

-Install the firmware with whatminer Miner original tool 

-Support Overclocking with 2 PSU (when installing a second PSU please choose 2 PSU firmware)

- Remote Monitoring : using the AMS service , you can monitor your miners wrong any locations 

-LOW Dev fee : we change 2.8 % only 

Whatsminer Single PSU Firmware

Whatsminer Two PSU's Firmware

Asic shield Whatsminer Firmware: 

Whatsminer PSU Firmware (use this for liquid cooling only and to remove Fan error )
in order to Flash the PSU Firmware , install whatminer Firmware first , go to the miner interface then click on configuration , then Power the select the correct firmware for your PSU

Whatsminer P21 PSU

Whatsminer P21D PSU

Whatsminer P221C PSU

Whatsminer P222B PSU

Whatsminer P222C PSU

Installation Guide : 

Whatsminer Firmware

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