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Whatsminer firmware Overlclocking

Asic Shield 

Antminer & Whatsminer

UP TO 50% 


This Firrmware is Desgined to work with the following whatsminer models :

M2X Series , M3X series and M5X series , support for the M6X series will be add soon

Our Firmware will allow the user to access to many functions and adjustments such as :

- Chip Frequency adjustment : which can be used for both overclocking to increase hashrate , or underclock to achieve more efficiency 

- Voltage control : which you can adjust voltage supply to hashboards to achieve more hashrate or better efficiency 

-Converting air cooled miner to liquid cooled works for both Immersion cooling and hydro cooling without having to install fun spoofers for both miners and PSU

- Remove Power limit for the PSU to allow more power consumption therefore more hashrate

-PSU Firmware Flash

-Install the firmware with whatminer Miner original tool 

-Support Overclocking with 2 PSU (when installing a second PSU please choose 2 PSU firmware)

- Remote Monitoring : using the AMS service , you can monitor your miners wrong any locations 

-LOW Dev fee : we change 2.8 % only 

Whatsminer Single PSU Firmware

Whatsminer Two PSU's Firmware

Asic shield Whatsminer Firmware: 

Whatsminer PSU Firmware (use this for liquid cooling only and to remove Fan error )
in order to Flash the PSU Firmware , install whatminer Firmware first , go to the miner interface then click on configuration , then Power the select the correct firmware for your PSU

Whatsminer P21 PSU

Whatsminer P21D PSU

Whatsminer P221C PSU

Whatsminer P222B PSU

Whatsminer P222C PSU

Installation Guide : 

Whatsminer Firmware

Asic shield Antminer  Firmware: 

Animner S19 Series Firmware

Make sure to use the currect file for your asic and condtol baord 

This Firrmware is Desgined to work with the following Antminer models :

S19, S19a, S19a pro, S19j, S19jpro, S19jpro plus, S19-88-bb, S19j-bb, S19jpro-bb, S19jpro-plus-bb, S19pro-a-bb, S19pro , S19Kpro, S19pro-a, S19i, S19+, T19, S19XP, S19hydro, S19pro hydro, S19pro hyd, S19pro plus hydro, S19xp Hydro, S19j plus 

Our Firmware will allow the user to access to many functions and adjustments such as :


- Automatic presets

Profiles for overclock or downvolt (reducing power consumption), growth of equipment profitability

- Automatic switching

of the profiles depending on the temperature on the farm, this will allow to get maximum profitability without the risk of equipment overheating

- Auto chip tunning

ASIC chip voltage, frequencies autotune (reduction of HW errors, hash increase, extension of ASIC lifetime)

- Power save

Power turn off function when the Internet or pools suddenly are turned off (The original bitmain firmware don`t turn off power)

Hotel fee

Option (where you can redirect part of the hashrate to pay for electricity, equipment colocation or pay for miners maintenance)

Fan pooling off

Immersion cooling, low noise, quiet start, maintaining the temperature on the chips, increasing the life of the fans

-Cloning module

Mass password change, change or disable SSH port , transfer the config (profile, pools, workers) to unlimited number of ASICs on the same network

Asic boost

15% reduction in consumption due to optimization of the algorithm


Scan and delete viruses automatically (ANTBUILD, NIGHT SWITCHER and others)

- Wattmeter

Power consumption output function in watts

-Manual overclocking

Overclock each board separately (overclocking and voltage). Overclocking each chip (thanks to this you can achieve maximum ASIC speed and stable operation).

- Hydro miner Mini inlet temp change function :

Our firmware can solve the issue of having a low inlet temperature for Hydro miners , where you can reduce it to 10C instead of 20 C on the original Firmware 

-Low Dev fee : we change 3 % only 

Installation Instructions 

The best  option is to install using SD card, so you keep the original firmware within your control board and not avoid warranty 

Standard types of control boards:
SD slot outside ( Xilinx SD version), SD slot is located inside on the control board ( beagle bone BB version ), only micro usb slot is located outside (Amlogic version), see the file: types of control boards

SD CARD : Download the SD IMAGE ,follow instruction below on how to flash the image to an SD card always dowload the file with sd on the name of the file insert the SD and turn on the asic, 

For amlogic control boards you can pull out an SD card or USB flash drive. If you need to update the version of our firmware  which you are already using on the SD card or in NAND you need to download the firmware WEB SD update file and use upgrade function in the firmware.

1.Download the etcher program to record the SD image or
2.Run the etcher program and select the image for your asic model with the .img extension
3.Write the image to the SD card (the SD card must  not exceed 32 GB, FAT32 format)
4.Insert the SD card with the our firmware image into ASIC, turn on ASIC, and the asic miner will boot from the SD card with our firmware pull out the SD-the card, to return ro BITMAIN Original firmware .

Note :Please select carefully the file for your asic , based on the model and Type of the Control board 

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